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And Don't Say Pakistan has Killed its Children
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What an argument, ‘Don’t say, Pakistan has killed its children’.

Well, I’ll say it and say a hundred times over, ‘Pakistan has killed its children’. School going children, small, innocent children, more than hundred children, brutally butchered by Pakistan’s flawed policies for the last six decades. Yes, Pakistan must be held responsible.

What kind of country is this?

You brew terrorists. You infiltrate terrorists into other countries. You hold terror camps and courses. Yes, Pakistan, you’ve killed your children. You’ve sheltered Hafiz Said. You’ve kept Dawood Ibrahim. Yes, Pakistan, you’ve used terror as a part of your foreign policy. You’ve people being trained in terror and you don’t know. Why haven’t you destroyed terror infrastructure? Where on earth in Pakistan, these monsters were training and preparing terrorists ready to kill toddlers? Why didn’t you know, Pakistan?

And Pakistan, where’re your minorities? At the time of partition, you’d a good number of Christians, Hindus and Sikhs? Where’ve they vanished? Why none of your international players is a Hindu or a Sikh? Why? You’ve destroyed your churches, your temples. Pakistan, you’ve destroyed yourself.

Pakistan and Pakistan alone is responsible for its wretched state today.

The leaders of Pakistan have failed the country. They have failed to show any kind of vision, patience, values.

Think of secularism, Pakistan. Be modern. Be liberal. Grow. Develop maturity. Be patient. Introduce a lesson on non-violence in your curriculum. Set things right, Pakistan.

I say all this because I feel sad, angry at the mindless massacre. They were children of humanity. They deserved to live. Pakistan has taken the lives of its kids. I say this so that such an incident never happens again. Go, finish the monsters. They came after your children; you go after them. Billion and trillions are being spent by world powers on Pakistan army and they failed to protect their own children. Wake up Pakistan, wake up.

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Comment Thanks to Shubha, who expressed her mind openly. Each and every sensible person will appreciate this advice for Pakistan. But what will happen to Pakistan Army, who has complete control over Pakistani administration. As soos as our differences between India and Pakistan are dissolved, the utility of such a large + huge army will be finished. Which army will like its annihilation? Again thanks to the writer of this article for her bold views over the cruelest accident of massacre of school children of Pakistan.

Shailbala Misra
12/25/2014 05:31 AM

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