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Tamil Cinema Formula:Snapshots
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1. Mothers in Tamil Cinema are always widowed. Why?

2. Most of the mothers in Tamil Cinema dominate their husbands.

3. 80% of heroines lose their virginity before marriage.

4. Heroes don't seem to have any work other than running behind girls.

5. Girls wear pavadai thavani even the world has moved to skirts, kurtis and lehengas.

6. Comedy continues to suck with the same type of inane jokes and character asssasinations day in and day out

7. Brahmins shown in poor light - most of the time

8. Dialogues are also the same.

9. Sisters - meant to be raped.

10. Brothers - villains

11. Sister's husband and brothers will never get along

12. Fathers, if they are shown on the screen, will be over-strict.

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