Why Bengalees get entangled in Chit Funds

Bengal is blessed with nature unless Rajasthan and Gujarat. So Bengalees never need to amass money. They do not bequeth much to their progeny. A Bengali has a tendency to live well with whatever is earned. Nature is expected to provide at all times whater a person needs. So, a Bengali never saves much. So this little saving an Bengali saves in Saving schemes. Preferably, Government saving schemes. So, when a little ambitious person sell dreams of higher return than than usually Government schemes through agents, who have a stake in the process, lower income group persons and low middle class income people fall prey. Such a chit fund has put the current West Bengal Government in jeopardy. Not that value systems of all Bengalees very uniform. Probably they are the most disparate group of people of India, emotional, who jump to new fads without thinking, and being from Tantrik mileu, consumerist. No surprise Bengalees will get entangled in chit funds more than any average Indian. The only way to bring a state level law for chit fund promoters backed by State exchequer. No donation should be permitted by any chit fund to any political party. SEBI and RBI have failed in their duties and put Indian polity into jeopardy. I see no legislative person is trying to set right the matter of Chit Fund, neither in state legislatures, nor in the Parliament. How can I assume our legislatures are truly concerned about poor people, by who they swear. In about seven decades we are still not a mature democracy. Sad indeed

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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