Delhi's coming election

Delhi's election has become most uninteresting. Over the decades every political party has sinned. In my constituency, the AAP candidate Saurav Bharadwaj is an educated soft-spoken person. I like him. But AAP as a political party is given to naivette. Politics is a hard nut. AAP chieftain I have known for two decades. As an NGO chieftain he was a hard working person. But I do not like his speaking ill of Ambani. So also during national election I did nor like Rajiv Gandhi sniping at Adani. Businessmen will be businessmen. The problem in our country is with the polity. We do not adhere to rule. Every human being by nature is corrupt. Only social vigilance can keep people play ball by the rule. Nationally BJP coming to power has been a good thing. Narendra Bedi can at best run the country for two decades. I do not expect anything from any political party in Delhi. Sonia Gandhi's nominee Mrs. Shiela Dixit ran Delhi as best as she could for fifteen years. Kiran Bedi has as much support as she has detractors. She always hogged the limelight. Whether she will be a good Chief Minister I can not predict. Let us wait for the people's verdict. I for one want Delhi to shrink in size and be run like a Union Territory, rather than a state. The most obnoxious thing that has happened to Delhi is the transformation of villages of Delhi into haphazard concrete slums. This must be undone. Most of the research and other institutions should be dispersed to new townships with first-class facilities. Further, all campaigns by political parties should be banned. The campaigning should be confined to print and audio-visual media. Blaring of mikes mounted on auto-rickshwas should be banned.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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