Greek indebtedness

I understand Greece has a debt of 175% of its GDP. A workable solution can be freezing the debt and repayment at the rate of 25% of present GDP over a period of 7 years. This is a workable solution. An alternate solution can be leasing out industrial spaces free for a period of say 10 years to German and other institutions and allowing repatriation of 100% of products and services to Germany. Greece will benefit in terms of employment. After 10 years Germany can transfer shares of such industries to Greek industrial outfit. Countries which have gone ahead in terms of technology, economic size and prosperity has a responsibility towards less advanced and privileged countries to come up and modernize and stand equal to advanced countries within a limited time frame. Otherwise the world has to pay a price in terms of violence, unrest and anarchy. Why do not the socio-economic gurus advise the advanced countries accordingly. The blind paradigm of development and financial profit only will invite dooms-day for this world. 

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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