Full of the Joys of Spring

Treat others as your wish to be
Hearty and conducive
Atmosphere of positive thoughts
Negative feelings disappear
Keeps sound mind and spirit
Spiritual self aligns…   
Thanks, amma!” - the domestic help uttered, as she gleefully accepted the sari that I gifted her for Pongal - the harvest festival, along with the box of sweets, goodies. She had heard us acknowledge her work with a repeated thank you, picked it up in her active vocabulary, and never fails to use it whenever she gets a gift, a tip, a goody bag, even a blessing.   Thanks!  A grateful feeling of appreciation, gratitude, recognition, acknowledgement…stems from the depths of the inside, not merely in its utterance. Sadly, in today’s context, many an educated person in this part of the world is reluctant to use this, acts of friends or relatives are taken for granted, as if it was a legitimate right to have got the favor. For such an ilk I would like to reiterate James Allen’s thoughts- ‘no duty is more urgent than of returning thanks!
Pleasure in mind
Language of the heart
Endearing and enchanting
Agreeable practice
Satisfies and gratifies
Enthralls and energizes……
Please! It is interesting to share this anecdote from AG Garner’s writings, “On Saying Please.”  ‘The young lift-man in a City office threw a passenger out of his lift the other morning and was fined for the offence that was undoubtedly in the wrong. It was a question of 'Please'. The complainant, entering the lift said, 'Top'. The lift-man demanded 'Top-please' and this concession being refused; he not only declined to comply with the instruction, but also hurled the passenger out of the lift. This, of course was carrying a comment on manner too far. Discourtesy is not a legal offence, and it does not excuse assault and battery.  Nevertheless, ‘please’ and ‘thanks’ would have made their day brighter and carried great weight.
Talking about these gesticulations in the professional set up,   it give great pleasure to see these phrases in mails- ‘I appreciate your response…’, ‘… Your time and effort is greatly appreciated…’ these words not only make a difference in showing approval and good opinion, but also comprise of the right motions of etiquette.
Further, they enrich relationships and life in particular, when they rise up from the depths of the heart.
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