What Kejriwal's win in Delhi means

Nothing but a silent revolution has taken place in Delhi through Delhi Assembly elections. The have nots have shown their resoluteness against the haves of Delhi. It is also a warning for big businessmen of India to play their game by the rule, if what Mr Kejriwal claims about non-auditing of BSES. India's big companies should become more philanthropic and pump back huge profits to society. Private educational outfits like schools and colleges should be pre-warned about the writing on the wall. Of course, everything de[pends upon Mr Kejriwal & co. as to how well they can settle down to good governance. It is one thing to spend but it is a much difficult task to spend as per one's earning. My best wishes to Kejriwal. Let us see, second time around, how he conducts himself. People has given him a landslide victory beyond even his imagination. But one thing is certain. We Indians must learn to be less corrupt and less populist. And our politicians should stop playing to the gallery, else India can never overcome its fate.  

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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