Let us get angry

Anger handled properly can do wonders for mankind. Suppressing anger in all situations may be counter productive. From childhood one is taught not to be angry. Why ? May be the parents and elders think that the youngsters may throw caution to wind and land in greater problem.  People in power are comfortable with conformists.
People have stopped being angry when required and get angry over inconsequential petty incidents.  Most of us don’t get angry when a small amount of amount is to be given to grease palm of a petty official. We consider it as normal and some even justify by saying that if the top leaders are corrupt, then  why not ……  We choose to look the other way if a crime is being committed or a hapless fellow being is being harassed. Should we not get angry ?
The first step would be having a different view than the accepted norm and the next would be anger on the scale of differing.
Satyarthi on Anger
Mr Kailash Satyarthi told a audience -“I’m urging you to become angry”. He feels that the angry can transform their anger into idea and action. He went on to add that his best ideas were born out of anger. He claims that  by drawing on anger, his group has  helped reduce child labor in South Asia by 80 percent. They have physically freed 83,000 children from slavery. 
Mr Vishal Sikka, CEO of Infosys found customers’ feedback as- “You do a good job, follow orders dutifully but your people don't speak up and  your people are not proactive”.
Mr Sikka is on record having said- “We have this cultural thing — if I speak up, it is questioning of authority”. Possibly, it is ingrained because of Guru - Shishya culture which is reflected in Superior-Subordinate or even Customer - Supplier  relationship.
Path breaking feats have not been achieved by conformists. It is necessary to encourage to differ, debate and then decide rather than simply capitulate. A fearless environment is the need of the hour in Indian business houses and other organizations which has been rightly noticed by Mr Sikka.
Mr Satyarthi and Mr Sikka have chosen to differ from the herd and have had a positive impact on the society.
Let us differ and get angry.

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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