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Non-Duality of Assets and Liabilities
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Black and White era has almost come to an end in all fields of human endeavour. The Grey area is getting bigger and bigger everywhere. With the advent of Quantum Theory in 1920s’ the Grey colour has established its strong relevance even in the field of Physics and the fundamental material existence of the universe. Nobody in this universe can be 100% confident about anything that we notice, see or observe. The surety about everything is merely statistical. The Grey theory can be extended to any field and branch of human knowledge.
In Finance and Commerce, we often talk of Assets and Liabilities as two diametrically opposite concepts. But on a closer look, is it really correct? Assets are some positive things that one owns and Liabilities are exactly the opposite. It is a highly subjective idea. Assets of one entity can and must be the liabilities of another. Then only we can have a financially neutral world of finance and commerce. My own Assets must have created Liabilities for another and Liabilities of someone else must have become the Assets for another. It sounds perfect for the net financial neutrality of humanity.
But even more intriguing is the fact that Assets and Liabilities can also oscillate with time for the same individual. Something akin to the Observer effect in a Double-Slit experiment in Finance & Commerce. Attempt a thought experiment about someone who is amassing real estate over a period of time as Assets. If he or she is alone and falls suddenly sick, these Assets will turn Liabilities in no time. Same is the case with many other aspects of life. Anything material considered as Assets in our lives can become our biggest Liabilities at any time. It is high time for all of us to become a bit spiritual to understand the non-duality creeping into all aspects of our lives. 

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