The Lalit Modi fiasco

The recent Lalit Modi expose has finally appears to be a lot of gas. Our PM has done well to let the bubbles burst out their course. It is naivette to think that IPL can be a clean thing. Those who saw business opportunity in Indian mass's madness about cricket will naturally have political bigwigs as allies. Are not our sports authorities headed mostly by politicians? And why not? Every social sphere is headed by politicians. That is democracy. Who can best handle polemics in the polity. Politicians, obviously. My advice to common people will be : Do not read too much of the dirty water of washings of big people. Look away from games big people play. It is all in their faternity. Narendra Modi will withstand the storm. And by the way when will Arnab Goswami learn? His iconic phrase "India wants to know" will soon turn out to be little girls' rant. Grow Arnab grow!

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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