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Understanding and Realisation
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Science & Technology has been conquering frontiers for mankind and breaking down all the obstacles that tends to put us in the darkness. This unrelenting pursuit is part and parcel of our evolutionary process that will continue till the next major catastrophe puts mankind to square one once again. According to all the significant and sensible scriptures in all major civilizations so far, this cycle of mankind fluctuating between the heights of knowledge and valleys of ignorance is an eternal one. Science and Spirituality will appear to be in conflict but will always form the twin tools that will take us up the mountains when the superstitious religious beliefs and practices pull us down the hills.
It can always be noticed that while the spiritual & scientific leaders make us comfortable, their religious counterparts always flourish on our fears. Our progress so far has always been determined by Science and Spirituality and never by the Religions. Yet Spirituality is very much connected with Religions just like milk and ghee. Spirituality is something like a final chapter in a Religious book. Those religious humans who do not graduate into spirituality have simply missed the bus. It is something like the unintelligent students who repeatedly fail to pass the tests and get into to the spiritual classes. Their lack of intelligence make them stick with the low level religious ideas and tend to pollute the younger generations who are also following the same path.
The question of Understanding and Realisation becomes important for those who have graduated into spiritual pursuits. Science is the best tool for our learning and understanding of anything in this world. Mankind could not have progressed so far but for this unique tool that helps us analyse and understand all the phenomena. Science has helped to reduce Man’s fears exponentially in the brief time frame so far. But the understanding that has developed so far cannot help us in completing the evolutionary process. We need the spiritual tool for that. Man must understand that Realisation is a vital necessity in this inevitable pursuit of truth. If Understanding comes from outside, Realisation is something that comes from within. We cannot understand but realise the taste of salt or sugar. Sooner this happens it is better for anyone who wish to complete a life worthy of living.
But very rarely we do come across a convergence of understanding and realization in unique individuals. Perhaps the case of Srinivasan Ramanujam was one such. But unfortunately, like all such extra-ordinary human beings, his life was also too short.

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