Know All !
Mr Salman Khan recently expressed support to Mr Yakub Memon and then changed track with equal speed.  Foot in the mouth  situation.  Mr Salman is a good actor, accomplished entertainer and  well respected for this talent.
Is Mr Salman also a legal expert ? Has he researched Mr Yakub’s case in depth before expressing his opinion in public ? I doubt. Yes, he has all the freedom to express his opinion, and the media should act responsibly- not to read much into such opinions and unnecessarily publicize for sensational news to earn revenue.
Mr Salman Khan is not a know all person. No one is.
Political Leaders
Few of our opposition leaders , notably Mr Digvijay Singh and Mr Shashi Tharoor too have expressed their disagreement with the execution of Mr Memon.  Very intelligently,  such people are careful not to criticize the Supreme Court’s judgement. If they have the courage and conviction, they should have come out in the open when Mr Yakub was alive.
Some   issue controversial statements in a routine manner which are never  of much consequence. Others  look for avenues to sneak into power as they are riddled with  controversies surrounding them.
Fact is – it is our irresponsible media who highlight such people.
Certain situations call for application of mind by knowledgeable people and not  a celebrity or famous or powerful  person. The case of Mr Memon is a question of law and not voting strength in Parliament or lung power in the public arena.

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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