Ostensible show of religiosity should stop

Two recent trajedies are prompting me to write this blog though I know people of every religion will be angry with me, especially those who believe in ostensible demonstration of religiosity. First of all I shall appeal to every thinking person of our earth to stop ostensible religious demonstration. One can be highly religious without visiting any religious site. It is better to read about religious philosophies and understand them and practise the tenets sitting at home and living a normal life. Religious tourism should not be promoted by ordinary people, associations, organisations and governments. These are sheer waste of human energy and deplorable creation of mass euphoria which yield nothing. There is nothing godly in mass hypnotism. It only allows certain people to make money. Human beings have a tendency to create fables. Many a fable only put social institutions at great strain and make our earth strife ridden. If we have seen representatives of God in different parts of the world, we also know how violent are the history of several religions. So a nodern educated man should decry ostensible demonstration of religiosity and work through various institutions and educate general population world wide to understand the differece of being religious and being ostensibly religious. I tell this to people of every religion. I hope my message will be appreciated and make people ponder and think and not make anybody angry. 

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Comment Thank you, KSRji. Governments should not for the sake of populism publicize religious pilgrimmage. It is a waste of public fund. They should quietly make arrangements for pilgrims. They need not give publicity. By giving publicity they only goad people to actions which otherwise people may not do. Mass media and democracy, much that they have their positive sides are doing a lot of damage to the society at large in such matters. Many things we can see vividly on television. Why go in the crowd and jostle and catch disease and create personal crisis and put the administration on the tenterhooks. The more number of people go on pilgrimage the more people are hustled and jostled. What is the fun? I know many people will not agree with me but then there is no alternative other than drawing people's attentions to pitfalls. I know there is always pleasure in darshans like I had of Lord Venketswara and Lord Jagannath.Tears rolled down my eyes. But I dread the crowd and I detest few seconds darshans. I shall rather have a small temple in my house with replicas of the deities and sit before them and meditate. I shall refrain from the euphoria for practical reasons. I have not gone to Vaisno Devi, nor to Ajmer Sharief and so many other places just to avoid the crowd and not engage in ostensible religiosity. Let us be practical. Thanks again KSRji.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
04-Oct-2015 13:54 PM

Comment Very well said Sharabaaniranjan. I agree with you entirely. People should realize that God exists only in the mind. There are two things which disturb me.What you call as "ostensible show of religiosity" is steadily on an increase. One reason is perhaps that people are becoming richer and can afford pilgrimage more frequently. The second disturbing aspect is that our governments are encouraging (should I say brainwashing?) the general public. I live in Hyderabad and was terribly disturbed by the amount of publicity given by both the governments to Godavari Pushkaram recently. I am certain that a large number of people came to know of this event only because of the publicity. Whether they have effect or not, articles like this should be written. .. raghavan

04-Oct-2015 11:03 AM

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