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Syria and Indian Christianity
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There is no field in which the Sanskrit slogan “Satyameva Jayathe” is more appropriate than in History. Sometimes the most unlikely of events in remote parts of the world reveal the truth about our own nation which has been manipulated and distorted by organised machinery for generations. The recent crisis and the resultant exodus of Syrian refugees is one such that should open the eyes of impartial Indian historians. India’s history has been completed distorted first by the European historians, then by the Mughal historians and lately by the Leftist ones. It is time to get it right.
For generations the various Indian Christian groups have been trying their best to establish the impossible task of St. Thomas visiting India in 52 AD, despite its complete let down by the official Vatican machinery. In this they have been ably supported by the Leftist historians because the one and only objective of the JNU brand of historians is to debunk anything that is related to Hindu and Hinduism. Along with the other organised religion from the same source, the combined manipulation have found another interest in unearthing the remnants of a mythical city of Muzris, in and around Cochin, only to establish the age old historicity of the two Semitic religions in Indian soil.
But the current Syrian crisis is truly a spoiler for all these dubious efforts. The Levant (Iraq, Syria, Turkey etc) has definitely been a historical region of religions, culture and civilisation. But ever since the rivalry began between the two leading religions sometime in the 7th century and Crusades in the 10th century, there has been frequent efflux of vanquished set of people out of Syria. In 21st century we are witnessing the same to Europe due to the atrocities by ISIS. The same phenomenon happened in the 8th century when a group of refugees (about 70 families led by one Thomas) from a place called Cana in Syria escaped to the Malabar coast in India. Bharat was the most prosperous area then and their attempt is quite understandable. Thus began the organised Christianity in India and all the machinations, manipulations and harvest in India. In short, Indian Christianity began in 8th century and peaked in 15th century when the Europeans started colonising. St.Thomas and Muzris are all mere myths being perpetuated by interested parties.

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