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I used to admire Shashi Tharoor since my adolescence for when I was15 he was 13 and had written a novel serially in The Junior Statesman, an admirable path breaking magazine by Desmond Doig. Shashi Tharoor went much ahead in life becoming deputy Secretary General in the United Nations. After loosing the contest as Secretary General he seems to have gone out of his head becoming an Indian politician. He keeps on making controversial remarks. I am saddened that a talented person should come to such a pass! India has seen wars. Puraan, Ramayana, Mahabhaarata are all replete with wars. They have been vicious wars. So probably Buddhism & Jainism grew in India. In Israel Jesus Christ was probably born because of internecine warfare in the Islaeli community. A muslim will not eat pork, a hindu will not eat beef. A Christian will eat both beef and pork. So in India (North India, especially) tension is likely and understandable when it comes to eating beef. These are matters of faith and very touchy issues. One can not wish away the differences between muslims and hindus. Interpretations of religions and their practices are bound to differ. But to say that a cow is safer than a muslim in India is uncalled for. People look upto politicians for they occupy positions of authority and controls the course the society takes. If politicians make irresponsible remarks, it is really sad for the country and not at all good. Shashi Tharoorji I am really saddened that you could have made such a comment as I read in the media just now. 

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Comment It is paradoxical that a career diplomat, Mr. Shashi Tharoor, who one time competed for the top diplomatic post of the world organization - UN - make such an undiplomatic comment. This is after his previous comment of cattle class about air passengers.

Prasad Rao
08-Dec-2015 10:38 AM

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