Kashmir is NOT a law and Order issue

My usually dull whatsapp group with paternal cousins got swamped with hundreds of messages a fortnight ago. We touched upon Modi to Dadri to Babri to Ram temple to Hindu Nation. During the four day long brain storming, one ghastly incident was touched upon to highlight the plight of Hindus - the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus.Though everyone seemed to agree it was pathetic and Hindus were left for themselves,some preferred to call it a 'law and order problem' which I vehemently deny. In this writeup, I give my view of Kashmir problem and try to reason why it is Islamic Jihad similar to what ISIS does in Syria
1. The kashmiri Pandit population in the city of Srinagar in 1873 was recorded to be 29%. There was no army presence in those times, no dispute (no Pakistan).Even then in 1947 when India gained independence, Pandits constituted little less than 8%.It then reduced to 4% in 1980s and then now stands at <1%. Is it just law and order problem?
2. The muslim occupation of Kashmir is happening in four stages.Gilgit and Baltistan was captured by Paksitan in 1947. The Valley terrorism and subsequent exodus of Pandits happened in 1990. As of 2015, even Doda and hill regions of Jammu (like Kishtwar) is muslim majority. People who read history can understand that the Kishtwar riots of 2013 is a recce to finally throw the Hindus from there. The fourth and final stage will be the cleansing of Jammu which will make whole of J & K Darul-Islam. Is there NOT a pettern visible?. Is it law and order?
3. In 1989 when militancy was at its peak in the valley, none of the muslims who preach kashmiriyat came out to save even one hindu from the muslim militant mobs. There has been well recorded evidences which talk about muslims showing houses of Hindus to militants.Mosque after mosque blared through its loud speaker asking Hindus to leave the valley leaving the women folk behind. Just law and order issue?
4. In 2008 the J & K govt transferred 100 acres of land to the Shri Amarnath Sangarsh Samiti (SASS) to erect temporary structures to help Yatris. The whole of Kashmir erupted to oppose this. Muslim hatred towards Hindus was shown openly.
5. In 2014, Kasusar Nag Yatra which was to be under taken by just 50 Hindus was opposed by Valley muslims citing depletion of forest resources. Is it not Hindu hatred?
Event after event in Indian history show that whenever muslim population crosses a threshold, Hindus are slaughtered, converted and displaced. Valley terrorism and 1990 exodus of Pandits is just a small piece of history in the larger Jihadist expansion of Islam. All that law and order can do is temporarily stop killings somewhere sometime. but it can never remove the Hindu hatred of muslims as it is bound to erupt again and again and again

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