The Pathankot episode

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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The Pathankot episode is not surprising. The terrorist outfits around Kashmir are like the Hijbuls. Slowly Kashmir is turning into Palestine. We are paying the price of not heeding Shyama Prasad Mukherjee's contention that a different rule can not apply to Jammu & Kashmir. Our polity is unable to be firmer than what Government after Government of our country have done so far. India was not firm enough in recovering PoK when a part of Kasmir was allowed to be annexed by Pakistan and a ceasefire was accepted. Has ceasefire taken place? No. Not yet. Nehru was so unfair to Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, who laid his life on the issue. Akhand Bharat is a beautiful dream. But unfortunately and regretably a pipe-dream. Has the world been able to minimise Jew, Christian & Muslim conflict? Regretably no. Can Hindu Muslim divide be mitigated? Popular conception says No. If the Hindu Muslim divide can not be mitigated, how can one think of peace in Kashmir or Akhand Bharat. When will human societies grow out of archaic religions? History of most of the religions are regrettable. Religions have given solace to man no doubt. But human beings have misused religions more like they have misused the latest religion of Science & Technology for warfare, espionage and what not. Pakistan army will again and again fall into the trap of adventurism, else how will they spawn and get their bread and butter. We Indians are misusing democracy and I can not see that day when Pakistanis will be successful in applying democracy. Democratic movements of England & France too were also not peaceful. There can not be an easy solution. India has to learn from Israel in preserving its sovereignty. But Indian philosophy of Panchasheel will never allow India to be like Israel. Somebody said, I do not remember who, "The price one has to pay for democracy is eternal vigilance". We can not afford lapses as it is being admitted now that the Pathankot episode has taken place because of some lapses on our part.   

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