Political paradoxes

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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This time around it is hearty to see Mamata wooing industrialists! But the irony is, when CPM was wooing industralists, people of Bengal threw out CPM out of power. CPM came to power giving Congress a bad name. And how CPM is trying to woo Congress now! Two decades back CPM threw out a gem of a person in Saifuddin Chowdhury for enunciating the theory of natural alliance between CPM and Congress. Manas Bhuian has given a just rebuff to Suryakanta Misra's uttarances in a public meeting. But the main culprit is Prakash Karat who looks a perfect Bengali bhadralok (sans dhoti kurta) who has felicity, in all probability, articulation in writing in English in CPM's party organ; but he has done maximum damage to Bengal denying Jyoti Basu Prime Ministership of India and CPM's prospects in India. They say politics is an art of the possible. But black sheeps abound in every political party. And true democracy is a sham. Strangely, Sonia Gandhi hoisted two good persons in Manmohan Singh and Shiela Dixit. But this is not the way politics should be played. People's memory is shortlived and Machiavelian tactics do prevail in the short run but with long time implications but humankind is the sufferer if we are not more honest in our actions and do not learn the art of discretion.

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