Islamic fundamentalism & the Gayatri Mantra

Last few decades have witnessed widespread fear about what is called Islamic fundamentalism. I see the whole issue in a different perspective.Where democracy has taken roots, people of such regions are scared of what is called Islamic fundamentalism. Tell me which religion has a peaceful birth excepting Joroastrianism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and the Bahai faith. So called myths of Hindu society's past is full of wars between Diti's sons and Adititi's sons, viz., Devs & Asuras. What is the story of Kali (Chandi) and Maa Durgaa? What about the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata? Next, consider the history of the establishment of Christianity. Was it peaceful? Jews killed and killed. Jesus Christ came. Those opposed to Christ finally submitted. But what did the Romans do? Blood flowed in the early history of Christianity. It is said He by going to the cross absolved humanity's sins. Next, Islam. First, war. Then internecine quarrel, rivalry, Shia Sunni feud. Those who are afraid of muslims imagine permissible four marriages will overwhelm all other religious sects and groups. Actually, they do not see with an open eye. Muslims kill more muslims than people of any other religious groups. Actually Islamic society is going through a crisis. Science has loosened religious adherance. It will happen with muslims too. Every religion looses some relevance with the passage of time. The onus lies with the leaders of society. They should help people to assimilate mores of times. Prophet Mohammed was very pragmatic in his approach. He said if people of one sect respect people of other sects, it will speak highly of one's own sect! What a lofty thouht! Prophet Mohammed's concept of believer and non-believer is misinterpreted. So, personally, I think the present crisis will pass over. Meanwhile, I shall surely shed tears for innocents whose life is snuffed out for no fault of theirs in the internecine turmoil. Let us spread the good message of love of Jesus Christ, Shri Chaitanya and Bahaullah. Let peace prevail on this earth. I narrate the Gayatri Mantra : Oh God, You are the giver of birth. You only can save us from pain and sorrow. It is only you who give us joy. O creator of this universe may we be enlightened by sin-slaying knowledge. Please guide our intellect throgh the right path.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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