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India’s Digital Character
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No other nation in the world has the full spectrum, between the binary extremes, evident in all shades of life than our own India. We have sufficient number of Haves, disproportionately large number of Have-nots and the full spectrum of lower middle class, middle class and upper middle class in between. We have our own patented Caste System in terms of upper castes, middle and lower castes pushing the nation forward at all times. We have our own versions of blacks, greys and whites as far the skin colour goes. And we have unnourished, under nourished and over nourished who literally burst at the seams.

But nothing signifies the digital character of India more than its educated class which consists of the uneducated, undereducated, educated and overeducated, each making their own contributions to the society. In the modern era of humanity, Indian mindset found its real place when the computers and software industry started blooming about 25 years ago. Shruti system of maintaining continuity had always been a unique feature of Indian civilisation since time immemorial. The basis of Shruti lies in tremendous memory power and memory is nothing but the very foundations of digitalisation. India’s revered Rishis of yesteryears could not have remembered all the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Ithihasas etc., without the help of some of digitalised memory.

Digital India has found a new promoter in the newly elected and vastly popular government in India. Modi’s firm belief that a more digitalised India will provide a more just and progressive system for its teeming millions is definitely not a misplaced one. Irrespective of their background and education, the youthful generations of India are highly talented and they have innovation in their DNA. All that Modi has to do is to provide them the infrastructure and encouragement. The rest will be history. India will come out all the most digitised society in a short span of time and the signs are already in the horizon. 

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