Watch out for Kanhaia Kumar

Many a times I do not go deep into a news item for news these days are so much predictable. Often even scanning the headlines sour the mouth. So when Hyderabad and JNU episodes broke out, I felt Kolkata is engulfing the whole of India. And I had no taste for rerun of Kolkata college and university politics at all India level. For some time I was undecisive about taking sides. But slowly I could not go with the students much when the opposition jumped into fray and started displaying their fangs. I was especially aghast about Anand Sharma's violent reavtive grimace, facial jerk and mouth outpouring when Smriti Irani read out a poster in connection with the Hyderabad University happenings. I just pitied him how insecure Mr Sharma felt in his apprehension of unfolding of religious fallout in the politics of religious and caste divides. I really pity the proponents of secular politics of more than half century. Democracy can not have any room for religious and caste politics. But in India it is passe. Nay, it is considered zenith of fair politics. Anyway, history proves fairness in politics is what is called in Baanglaa language "Sonaar Paatharbaatti", meaning a stone bowl made of gold, a sort of contradiction of terms. After conditional release of Kanhaia in the sedition case I was aghast by his oratory before his fellow students in the JNU campus at 10.30 at night. Later, as regards his interview in CNN-IBN, one felt so gullible by his clarity in his denouement. I suspect he will surpass many a politician of today (pardon me speaking so) in diabolicity when required. All national level young politicians, watch out! Your match has arrived! Before I end I regret such a charming face as Rohit Vemula is no more. Bad luck indeed he fell into a political mire wherefrom he could not extricate himself. May his soul rest in peace.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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