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Relevant Mohan and Irrelevant Jawahar
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Indians in twenty first century India are realising the irrelevance of Nehru and the increasing relevance of Mahatma Gandhi in their everyday lives. Despite the best efforts of Nehru dynasty to highlight and keep alive the allegations about the remote association of Godse with the rightist forces that have come to power with an overwhelming majority, every sensible Indian have come to recognise the importance of having a Right government to lead the nation with the Gandhian vision of Ramarajya. The complete neglect of rural India by the Nehruvian craze for pseudo-secularism is the single element that has kept India down so far.
Mahatma Gandhi realised early in his political career that the only way to get the Indian nation back into its glory is through transforming its rural people and agrarian economy in a righteous path. Throughout his career he kept on highlighting his real feel for the poor farmers and the downtrodden much more than the importance for power and parliament. It was the tussle between the power mongers like Jinnah and Nehru that resulted in partition and the subsequent efforts of Nehru to establish his own dynasty overlooking the real needs and aspirations of a great nation eager to regain its lost glory once again. Power hungry Nehru and his progeny was interested only in their ‘secular’ image by creating vote banks in line with their colonial masters.
It took almost half a century for the right mix of people, ideology and attitude to come to power in India. It is a strange coincidence that the real successor to Gandhian ideology in the form of an ordinary tea vendor who rose to become the undisputed leader in world’s largest democracy has come from the same background as Mahatma Gandhi. While the well-wishers of this great nation are eagerly waiting for the great turn-around, the selfish supporters of the dynasty and the entire spectrum of anti-national forces are working overtime to derail Modi’s strategies, programmes and efforts to leap ahead. Mahatma’s wishes will blossom through Modi’s efforts only if he can effectively neutralise the machinations of an irrelevant Nehruvian opposition.

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