Mother of all Disasters

A whole town simply caves in and vanishes with 10,00,000 plus people (numbers to be debated for centuries)!
This is just waiting to happen in the sister town of Jharia and Dhanbad. If and when it happens, it will not be a surprise since the situation there is well known to all who matter. What prevents this from not happening is administrative apathy, political expediency and interest of business (or may be compulsions for survival ).
For those who may be ignorant- this whole area in Jharkhand is on fire (literally).Rich in coal deposit (coking coal- variety used in steel making), underground fires are raging. It is said that fires were first reported in 1916 and have been raging ever since that time.
If one happens to tour this area , without much effort one can spot fire and smoke along the roads. Crevasses can also be seen and instances of people falling into them have been reported. Harmful gases spew out of these cracks in earth causing respiratory disease.
Government has initiated resettlement but it is simply unsuccessful. Attempts to douse the fire have been made which have also not succeeded.
Such fires are there in USA and in China besides other countries. What is at stake here are not just billions of dollars of coal but a million lives which should make people sit up. If they care. just to compare -Bhopal Gas tragedy of 1984 claimed 35000 lives as per unofficial estimates and left approximately 100,000 affected to suffer. To recall , in pesticide plant of Union Carbide, 30 tons of methyl isocyanate –a toxic gas escaped and caused disaster.
Present Government led by Mr Narendra Modi , a  dynamic person should speed up all that is required to prevent a calamity which has the potential to go down as the worst disaster to happen on earth.
Bhopal happened.
Jharia is waiting to happen.

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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