6 Ayurvedic Rules to A Healthier Weight Loss :)

Dr. Vipul Sharma
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Perhaps nothing could be more frustrating and painful than
experiencing an ongoing struggle with weight and overall wellness.

Here are a few tips for healthier weight loss :)

Rule 1. Eat a light evening meal of easy-to-digest foods.
Rule 2. Eat the largest meal of the day at lunch and include a wide
variety of warm, cooked foods.
Rule 3. Enjoy “holy waters.” Drink hot water with ginger and lemon, or
herbal teas frequently throughout the day.
Rule 4. Avoid leftovers and foods that are highly processed, packaged,
or canned.
 Ayurveda holds that putting food back in the refrigerator after it
has been cooked causes a serious deterioration of the quality of the
foods and their digestibility. Even if you reheat your leftover foods
after you take them out of the refrigerator, they have lost their
life-giving freshness.

Here is the essence of Ayurveda’s food guidelines:  Eat fresh food,
freshly prepared, and filled with prana, the vital life force.

Rule 5. Get Moving!
 Exercise is an antidote for almost everything that ails us. It
improves digestion, metabolism, elimination, complexion, muscle tone
and strength, and bone density ? and it helps us normalize weight.
Physical activity is also positive on an emotional level as it can be
enjoyable, increase self-confidence, and bring us greater energy,
freshness, and success throughout the day.

 In our already busy lives, taking the time to shop and prepare fresh
foods can be a challenge. Yet every step in this direction will help
us with weight management and overall good health.

Rule 6.  Try Natural Herbs !

Arogyam Pure Herbs Weight Loss Kit

Remember, optimum digestion is the cornerstone of your health and
wellbeing. Rekindle your digestive fire, rekindle your life!

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