Long back I wrote a poem in boloji.com on IPL because I felt IPL is a big bakwaas. I have always been against IPL. Sport, film and business (read big money) are a deadly combination. It is "afeem" for the masses. As if India has dearth of problems and you add cricket "afeem" in the polity. You will forget that you have to skip your meal and go to sleep satisfied that Dhoni gave you big sixes. What has Indian society come to! One generation earlier cricket will be played in winter. And now all the year round cricket hoopla is being played. Probably we need a parliament debate on the matter. I am glad somebody has started a debate on the morality of IPL when Maharashtra is going through drought-like condition. Cricket is a colonial hangover in the Indian subcontinent. The European fads of football, cricket must be reined if sanity has to be maintained in the subcontinental polity. I know though that this call for sanity will fall on deaf ears. We unfortunately are creating false heroes at the cost of welfare of the masses of this country. Still truth must be told. Questions of morality must be raised, as is being raised now about the morality of holding IPL when Maharashtra is going through drought-like condition. 

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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