Let the army conduct elections in West Bengal

The West Bengal elections currently being held is an eye opener for the whole country. It is a shame that democrcy has taken such a dastardly shape in West Bengal. Election Commission is without tooth and nail to handle an election in West Bengal. It is high time, because people are afraid to impose President's rule for possible hue and cry in the polity, though West Bengal is a just case of President's rule for a considerable duration after what we have seen of communists and a still vicious Trinamul Congress making mockery of elections for decades, election should be handed over to the army. No political agents, no speech making in official functions and no public meeting at all. Only political parties should be asked one time to print their political agenda in newspapers and asked to place their point of view on radio and television sans vituperative colmments against each other and army should be asked to conduct franchise. Is is the only solution for West Bengal, which has gone from bad to worse in the last four decade. Otherwise no body can take Bengal out of the quagmire it has fallen into. 

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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