Religious Differences

I am a Hindu by birth. But being educated in science, I do not take anything for granted. I am 63. Since my professional career waned I tried to read scriptures, Hindu, Christian, and Islamic. I read in a Muslim college, so I do not get apprehended by anything Muslim. But frankly, I do not like the way a devout Muslim keeps his beard. In fact I am against apparent community signatures. Such community signatures are against society's progress. As time passes, people of different community will mingle more and more. So it is likely, people will look more and more similar. In fact, people should look more and more similar, excepting when it is a personal signature. I abhor community signatures. They underline differences. Frankly speaking, I know very little of Hinduism. For several reasons. Educated in Delhi how shall I know about Hinduism if I do not read the scriptures thoroughly? And really, it is so difficult and time-consuming and in fact language bared. But I am indebted to Devdutt Pattanayak for his book Myth=Mithya. I learnt a lot about Hinduism by reading the book. A non-Hindu too should read this book to understand Hindu customs and mores. By the way, I am Krishna bhakt because of ISKCON. But I never knew how many wives Krishna had. The other day, I learnt Krishna had eight wives. So I question all those Hindus who while speaking about Mohammad say he had four wives. We actually forget the times when Sri Krishna or Mohammad lived. Times have changed. Monogamy is society's norm. Many people will not even marry because rearing a family is so difficult. I read the Bhagavad Gita and found it very logical. But personally, I would not fight my cousin brothers and relatives though Sri Krishna made Arjun do it. So, am I not a Hindu? In Hinduism there are Devs, Devis, Bhagawan, and stories of Devtas and Asuras. In Ramayana, Purushottam Ram on the prompting of his prajas relinquished Sita. I would not do it in my life. So, am I less Hindu? Hinduism for me is a heritage. But I love Buddhism and Jainism. But still I shall not become a Buddhist or a Jain. I cannot delink myself from my heritage. Similarly, I have respect for Mohammad. But however much I tried, I could make myself read only portions of the Quran. But I could read the Bible and understood why Jesus Christ was needed when he arrived. I know very well why Mohammad was needed in his times. But why one should blindly follow whatever was told in olden times? Quran said: fear Allah. Yes, I do fear Allah. Jesus said: make available your other cheek if you are hit in one cheek, a similar sentiment by Sri Chaitanya. Should we not inculcate in us the spirits of Jesus, Mohammad, Nanak, et al instead of proclaiming ourselves as a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai and rigidly holding on to the scriptures? Humanity is one. We should get rid of outer manifestations. Whatever Paigambars may have said, Humanity is above all, Love is above all, Kindness is above all, Fellow feeling is above all. Let us not create differences amongst us. Not even for the scriptures of yore. Rather try to understand the mores and the need of the time when those scriptures were written. Let us not try to follow them ditto in changed times and circumstances. Leaders of the society, do not try to create differences in the polity.

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Comment Thank you Rao sahib.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
16-May-2016 12:25 PM

Comment An admirable approach in life. Hope a lot of people follow your model.

P. Rao
13-May-2016 04:43 AM

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