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Discourses by Kanchi Mahaperiyava - 5
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Lord Shiva and Sakthi together… Sakti (Energy) and Sivan (Matter) both of them are together adorned as Arthanareeswara. Some people decided to create a rift between Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma Parvati. They told Mother, “Lord Shiva says that he burnt Manmadan through his third eye. But part of the third eye belongs to you as well. Should  he not have given you credit?”
He says he had kicked Kalan with his left leg but this leg is yours. Why did he not give you credit? Of course all this is hearsay. Sakti and Sivan are the same. With mother parvati, Lord Eswaran cannot exist. Their existences are so intricately intertwined.
This is why janma-nivrutthi happens. Procreation happens due to their blessings and grace. Why are we born into this world? Earn, eat, experience some sorrow or misery every day and then die in the end. Why should we wait for such a long time? We can die right now.
We are born only so that we are not born again. Only man grows vertically. Animals grow horizontally. Man should look above him – that is the reason he was born taller. Though animals have sensory perceptions like men and women, tongue in humans serves dual purpose – taste and talk. Man’s hands can feel the touch and helps in praying to God. Tongue helps in constant chanting of the name of the Lord.
But have you realized that man faces more afflictions than animals? Because we commit sins, we suffer for our sins. If someone attacks us, we do not have anything in our body for retaliation. Cows have horns. Tigers have nails. Sheep has wool for protecting it from the cold weather. A horse can run fast but man cannot. But God has given man the ability to think and the ability to discern.
Man can wear a sweater and he can ride a horse. He knows how to use other things available at his disposal. Man can stay anywhere in the world. He can use his knowledge effectively to improve the quality of life. Despite this, man is often unhappy and often we all feel that we should not be born again to suffer.
We commit sins because of anger. The main cause of anger is desire. Desire to have the job makes you worry about the impression of the boss. Lust is another reason. If we can overcome lust and desire, then half the battle is won. Besides ourselves  we are allured to something else. This is the root cause of desire. If we did not have desire, there is no anger, no lust and no birth.
Man should not commit sins for attaining janma nivrutthi. He should eschew anger. Mothers give breast milk to their children. Ambal gives us gnana-paal. We should not let go of her feet and surrender to her completely and get absorbed in her. The man who is lucky to attain the grace of ambal is free of all bondages.
Let us pray so that her benevolent grace always falls on us. Let us always pray to her and meditate on her. 

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