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Sincerity Factor In US Election
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Sincerity in expressing viewpoints and beliefs on issues and concerns counts a lot in most American elections. And the current presidential race is no different.
Bernie Sanders of the Democratic Party has sincerely demonstrated his leftist ideology and agenda. Republican aspirant Donald Trump has been point-blank and blunt to sincerely assert his extreme right nonsense.
The trouble is with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton facing the sincerity issue. She has projected herself more as an efficient bureaucrat rather than a savvy ideologue to take left, right or centralist positions. Armed with poll strategies Clinton's sincerity as a Democratic leader is being questioned as she can swing into any direction depending upon the electoral mood.
And this is where the front-runner Democrat would not be able face the Trump juggernaut which is fueled by his xenophobic but sincere outbursts.
Trump is a phenomenon which has significantly disrupted the established political order by pushing the Republican rank and file further to the extreme right. And the established democracies worldwide are already witnessing the emergence of a committed cliental of Trump brand in the political marketplace.

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