We come across several personalities who by dint of determination override difficulties to achieve what appears to be insurmountable. Such efforts often get ignited by some incident. Often, they lead to common benefit for the community at large.
Media generally highlights these cases as a one off incident and that is generally the end of it. Human potential, as we know is immense and unfathomable.
We have seen the case Dashrath Manjhi (also made into a film), Malala and Kailash Satyarthi (Nobel Laureates) where individual’s courage and action has lead to transformation in lives of community at large.
The author cites below few other instances from which inspiration can be drawn by the young.
Bapurao Tajne
Denied water, Bapurao Tajne dug up a well all by himself in his village Kalambeshwar in Washim district of Maharashtra. Mr Tajne achieved this in 40 days all by himself against heavy odds- the community making fun of him instead of providing support (he being a daily labourer).
Now the villagers do not have to walk one kilometre to fetch water! Women’s lives are a bit better now.
The point here is- why such latent human capability is not noticed by the educational system. How do we reward such people and ensure that others too follow in their footsteps. We have a DDC (generally young IAS officer) in every district. They should at least ensure that such human capital be not wasted.
Ramesh of Srirangapatna
In a span of five years, Mr Ramesh has turned rocky and parched area of Srirangapatna into a lush green area. He achieved all this by himself. He even educated himself about drip irrigation to get positive results. Waste material was used by Ramesh to channelize flow of water for the trees.
Ramesh’s dream is to see that area as a dense forest !
We have a Indian Forest Service with their young recruits. The DFO’s should sit up and take notice- after all the government spends millions in their education and training.
A humble suggestion- take Mr Ramesh as a faculty member to train these young officers.
Human Capital
It is the human capital of a nation which makes it great and not raw material resource. This has been proved historically time and again. We hear a lot about educational reforms- any such reform should evolve to detect and nurture such selfless people.
With a Ministry of HRD, we should be making progress on this front.
Various channels of TV in our country have talent spotting contests, but alas they limit themselves to dancing and singing only. It is time they recognize the band of self driven individuals who are doing what appears to be impossible.

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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