Our nation will be celebrating another Independence Day in a weeks’ time with anouncement of new initiatives and promises. While there are a few silver linings visible, lot of concerns too need attention. Needless to say, the present government has indeed taken several initiatives in home and abroad. The author attempts to dwell on two of them.
The nation has seen a decline in number of fresh scams in recent times. Credit must go to the present government.
Recently the CBI claimed to have identified 2,200 nos senior government officers as corrupt. They have initiated enquiry and legal proceedings. This mammoth task if not speeded up will never see things to their natural conclusion. It is doubtful if the CBI  is adequately staffed and has free hand in investigating and prosecuting.
CBI is already over-burdened with old cases. It is difficult to say if they will be able to bring all these 2,200 people to justice.
Even if the CBI works overtime, it is doubtful whether the judiciary can deliver.
On April 24th Chief Justice of India Mr T S Thakur broke down (crying) in public – bemoaning the state of judiciary. This happened at a conference of Chief Ministers of states and Chief Justices of High Courts, also attended by the Prime Minister.
The CJI wanted the number of judges to be increased to 40,000 from the present 21,000.
Promise of Sushasan made by the present government will come to a naught if the issue raised by the CJI is not addressed with speed.
Government led by PM Mr Narendra Modi must finish this job at hand.

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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Comment Hemant Ji, other measures begging implementation are- punctuality in courts (attendance), stopping unnecessary adjournments and time bound disposal of cases. A nexus of judicial officers, lawyers, administrators plays havoc with the system to the detriment of the hapless citizen.Reminds one of R K Lashman's silent ,watchful common man! The present government has inherited all this, they are doing some good and much more is expected.

09-Aug-2016 21:41 PM

Comment Navin Ji, Congrats for coming up with yet another piece which I read with interest. Apart from increasing the number of judges, the judiciary also needs to find creative ways and means of cutting average time of pendency of court cases. There also is a very important proposal of video recording of court proceedings which once implemented will bring in more transparency and reduce corruption.

Hemant Kumar
08-Aug-2016 14:47 PM

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