Joke it was meant to be, but has turned out to be highly controversial and testing every one’s sense of humour. Yes, this refers to ex Justice of Supreme Court Mr Markanday Katju’s package offer to Pakistan to take Bihar along with Kashmir. A serious offer and one would believe this offer has the Cabinet’s approval.
May be the cabinet or even the Parliament of India is not empowered to gift away such a huge chunk of land to another country but Mr Katju probably has this mandate. One would like to know his source of this empowerment. In his inimitable style the gentleman now says he was joking and wants the end of it!
Coming from an illustrious family -his grandfather was Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and his father was a High Court judge, is well educated. Probably proper sense of humour has not been ingrained in him since the country is not accepting his utterance as a joke.
Insult to the martyrs
At a time when tensions are high on the border, such casual and irresponsible talk is an insult to the martyrs of Uri and elsewhere who sacrificed their lives. Those eighteen soldiers who lost their lives were guarding India and not Bihar. Their sacrifice should not be belittled.
Government of India must take this matter seriously. They should consider-
1.      Ask the Chief Justice of India to consider review all his judicial pronouncements since the gentleman may have been casual in other matters too.
2.      Consider withdrawal of any pension benefit being given from the treasury to the gentleman.
The gentleman being well conversed with the legal machinery will definitely get away by manipulating the system. All the Prime Minister’s Men need to do something.
The nation is pained.

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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Comment We Never Asp Such Type of Casual Statement from Ex Justice of India. Such Type of person Should be Consider as in Row of Anti Nation activity like Terrorist and Need to Be Strong Punishment Action So that Lesson for the Next one........

kishore kr singh
28-Sep-2016 23:30 PM

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