Creating Controversies

We as a nation are in the habit of creating unnecessary controversies which ultimately prove to be of no use / consequence.
Film actors and celebrities are asked to voice their opinion on any matter under the sun. These people, totally unprepared and with limited knowledge play along and speak out something only to regret later on. The recent case of Mr Om Puri speaking about Uri incident is unfortunate. Many of such blabberings are just to get cheap publicity. Often these pampered stars say a “sorry” without meaning it.
Pampering of these “supposed to be knowledgeable” people is done by media, political parties and the public too. This is the reason we have some of them decorating the Parliament. With rare appearances, what to speak of meaningful participation in debates or other business of national importance, their election / nomination is questionable .
Most of the film stars or celebrities as a Member of Parliament are a burden to the nation since they get salary, privileges and pension without any contribution. Thus their being there is a waste of resource for the nation. This is not to belittle their role / achievements in other field, say as a good actor or a cricket player.
Yakub Memon
Mr Salman Khan, actor of repute had come forward to support Mr Yakub Memon and changed track with lightning speed. Trouble is people express their opinion on matters which has received attention of best of experts while they themselves have little knowledge of it.
In this case Mr Yakub Memon was found guilty by the Supreme Court over his involvement in 1993 Mumbai serial blasts and convicted to death. He was a Chartered Accountant, thus a responsible citizen and must be also knowing of consequences of his action.
Such a sensitive matter is obviously a case for legal fraternity to dwell upon and not a uninformed celebrity.
Decline in values such as humility being on rise gives rise to such voicing.
In the medical fraternity we find that nowa days often Doctors do not refer patients to proper specialists. For commercial interest many of them knowingly experiment on patients doing immense damage. Once the patient goes to a “proper” place he learns that all the treatment so far had been unnecessary.
The stars, celebrities, doctors or other professionals must know their boundaries and not create controversies.

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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