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Speak only when you feel your words,
Are better than silence
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''I know some people are not happy with me because i'm not so good,but a few people surely loves me becuse they know that my little goodness is not fake.''
This is for who hate me but also those who loves me.This for those people who made me react when i was silent in many serious occassions,also for those who made me silent and fall weak in many situations.

I sincerely thank everyone who supported me in my journey of life, who made me speak up,who made me courageous, who made me confident to speak,who made me firm to fight for my rights.I thank them who taught me to go forward in my life.
And for those who made me fall weak,made me dumb ,made me to stand silent in acquiring my rights,who had backstabbed me,who had made me fearful,all i want to say to them is now iam perfectly capable of standing firm in my decisions and in my life ,thanks for teaching me to stand alone and speak when i feel my words and letting me know that words are better than silence.

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Comment thankss dearr.....thanks for making me feel good about myself,supporting me ...thanks for all....

03/04/2017 10:57 AM

Comment " You are toooooooooo good for someone to hate you and those who hate you doesn't know who you are. "I am saying this bcs i feel that , now these words (for you) are better than silence..............

02/25/2017 08:20 AM

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