Demonetisation Announcement of 8th November

I have a completely different idea about black money. In my opinion money is never black. It is actually a governance issue. Human beings will be human beings. Many will try to hide their actual income. Will try to get away paying less. Never mind. Money's worth is in exchange capability and its circulatory velocity. Even if people buy gold or land it is actually withheld motion of circulatory capability of money. Someday, with better opportunities, those money too get circulated. As it circulates government gets a chance to mop up a part of it. So Shri Narendra Modi is right in his thinking when he contemplates abolition of income tax and replace it with hand exchange tax during buying and selling activities. Whoever gets a service will pay to government for providing a safe facilitating society. All bigger payments should be through cheque or be made electronically. Small payments only should be through promissory notes and can be made tax exempt.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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Comment I fully agree with the views expressed here. Rational interpretation of the decision.

Dr.Sharad Vasudeo Khare
04-Jan-2017 00:30 AM

Comment Take away message I get from this article is that the so called black money is also a government administrative problem. If somehow the government does not improve the management of money and income tax procedures, all the black money that was there will be replaced by new black money with new currency notes. There may be some missing amount but it will get back to business as usual before it is too long.

P. Rao
09-Dec-2016 22:24 PM

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