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Demonetization - Quo Vadis India
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The chief of the vedic gods INDRA is my prototype of an ideal leader that India needs today.  INDRA led his folks with a grand vision of “Krinvanto Vishvam Aryam – Make the World Noble”.   He, along with his team of “fellow” devas, succeeded in establishing a civil society based on rule of law (the vedic ritas) from Kabul to Kamrup and Kashmir to Kanyakumari as early as 2nd millennium BC.  Even today our national motto  of Satyamev Jayate reflects whar India was able to achieve in its glorious past.
 I had published a short hymn in praise of INDRA via BOLOJI on the eve of India’s Republic Day in 2015 when Narendra Modi had been newly installed as the Prime Minister.  There was a lot of hope in the air then and I could see an Indra like winning streak in our new Prime Minister. Here are a few extracts from the hymn:

                                             O’ Indra Thy India Needs Thee
O’ Indra our leader of the bygone days
You led us ………………
On our southward journey from the mountains of Mujavant in our hoary past 
You met that beautiful stream flowing North from the holy Kailasha
You loved its pure waters and the stream loved your magic touch
 Changing its course it became your guide to this Promised Land of ours
 We called it Indu and it gave our country the name India that is Bharat today
As we celebrate yet another Gantantra Divas in the City of Indraprastha
little do we remember the part you played in sowing the seeds of Democracy 
Rishies of the Rig sang of your glorious deeds and made you Chief of the Devas
Leading the fellow Devas with Vishnu, the Law-Giver, providing the vedic ritas
and Varun-Mitra enforcing those cosmic laws, You gave us the first Janpadas!
O’ Indra your name is embedded in so many of our names even today
Be it Indra, blessed as Priyadarshani by Rabindra, the Noble Laureate
or millions of others from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Kutch to Kamrup
What we really need is resurgence of your Spirit and Leadership 
and the likes of your storm troopers, the Maruts, who made us invincible! 

Since then a number of initiatives have been launched by NAMO & Associates ranging from Swachh India to a “Corruption Free” India.  All of them seem to be “complementary”.  Now comes the latest one; the demonetization of November 8th.  It was very discomforting to some, but a vast majority of people welcomed the move and its intentions.  It came with a jolt and if the Indian elephant starts moving faster, after a short pause, it would be worth it.  It is said that in the absence of an inspiring vision, pettiness prevails.  Watch the Indian scene today, and we find abundance of pettiness all around. 
Let us see, if Narendra Modi, with Indra embedded in his name, can turn around things and evolve an inspiring vision for leading India to greatness!


 Harish Midha, Toronto, January 23. 2017.    


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