Recent Happenings in Tamil Nadu ..

Many Unanswered Questions

This is in the context of recent happenings in Tamil Nadu and subsequent to the well written article by G. Swaminathan @

The article has very well summarized the events and the current state of affairs in the state. In this blog I wish to focus on the important aspects of the article and highlight a few unanswered questions.

1.       The most important aspect is the death of J Jayalalithaa itself. The secrecy which was maintained, that too very effectively, is perhaps unparalleled as far as demise of an important political figure is concerned. Only Sasikala had access to the JJ’s special ward or ICU. There were no regular medical bulletins. It is significant that the British doctor addressed a press conference wherein he told that JJ died of cardiac arrest subsequent to organ failures. Incidentally this press conference took place two months after JJ’s demise and hours before Sasikala was planning to be appointed as chief minister of TN. Is the timing of any significance? JJ’s niece Deepa expressed doubts and apprehensions about JJ’s death after the event. Why, being a close relative, never spoke during the seventy-five days of hospitalization? A former senior AIADMK leader, PM Pandyan asserted on February 6th that JJ was pushed and her death was not natural. Why did he keep mum for two months after JJ’s death and opened his mouth on that day? OPS also wanted an enquiry into JJ’s death. However, he made this demand only after he revolted. Why did OPS keep quiet till that day?

2.Media has continuously talked of two AIADMK camps – the Sasikala camp and the OPS camp. It has become obvious that there was effectively one camp. OPS had the backing of a few MP’s (of no relevance in the power struggle) and a maximum of ten MLA’s. It was also stated that OPS had the backing of public. Events have shown that OPS was just a paper tiger. He maintained that MLA’s at the Golden Bay Resort were pressurized and coerced in support of his claim. OPS also maintained that MLA’s of free will would back him as chief minister.  It appears now that there was no pressure on the MLA’s (according Arun Kumar, Coimbatore MLA, who walked out of the resort). In addition, all the MLA’s (122 of them) who were in the resort voted in favour of the confidence motion. The question here is “why the Sasikala camp did not appear to be fair?”.  Why was the media not allowed to interact with the resort inmates thereby gave scope for suspicion and doubt? Why was the resort heavily guarded? Why did the media give so much importance to OPS?

3.Media also maintained that OPS had the public support and backing. It was also maintained that the public is opposed to Sasikala ruling the state. If this were to be true, there should have been demonstrations akin to what was witnessed in connection with Jallikattu. Why then we did not witness anything like that?

4.With all the power struggle that has taken place, values and honesty have taken back seat. No one, including Sasi’s rivals, has talked about the corruption, criminal offences and severe indictment by the highest court of the four who have been convicted. Incidentally, the gang of four includes the late CM Jayalalithaa. The so-called Amma’s path is itself suspect. Corruption is taken for granted. Equally acceptable is the concept of “ruling by proxy”.  The culprits in this regard are neither the politicians nor the lawmakers. The real culprits are the people who are totally indifferent and vote bad people to power and thereby endorse corrupt practices. The final questions: Where do we go from here? What is our country’s future?

Finally let us come back to the first point in the article. Based on circumstantial evidence more and more people are getting the impression that there indeed is some foul-play involving JJ’s death. People are also tend to be convinced that the needle of suspicion points to one person. Questions in this regard: Will there be any initiative in any quarter (the central government, CBI or a PIL) to find the truth concerning JJ’s death which is shrouded in mystery?

More By  :  Dr. KS Raghavan

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