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spirituality as it should be

“You think of yourself

as a citizen of the universe.

You think you belong 

to this world of dust and matter.

Out of this dust

you have created a personal image,

and have forgotten

about the essence of your true origin” 

 ~ Rumi

Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi or "Rumi" as he is recognized by his lovers, was one of the prominent mystics from the east. In the verse above, is a clear message for the seekers, those are always looking for the happiness in different things, people, and philosophies.

The very innate nature of our soul is to seek permanent peace and happiness. This continuous urge of the soul commands our mind to put all logics in place and find the place, company of people, or the possessions where the soul can get satisfied. Slowly the person starts thinking that the pleasure of sensual organs will bring the happiness, but those do not last for long. To keep him satisfied, he becomes habitual of changing the means and modes of pleasure. But continuous switching between different modes of happiness becomes the main cause of permanent dissatisfaction.

Under the expert guidance of the master and following the principles laid out for a self-less living, he started enjoying the fruits of devotion and perseverance. More and more he delves deep into the spiritual routine, he becomes the DISCIPLE. The garden of permanent happiness inside the heart needs the water of love towards the master, the air of devotion, the soil of trust and the heat of discipline.

Rumi's life and teachings are an absolute form of spirituality and they penetrate deep within. As the first post on my blog, I have tried to set the taste and mood of the blog. I am sure that through this blog, understanding of the concept of spirituality will be enhanced. Several mysteries of the journey to self-realisation through my own story of transformation will be unfolded in upcoming posts. 

Love & Light
Naveen Sharma

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Comment After reading..I m feeling calm, relaxed and so keen to see more stories like this that gives you're mind and soul relaxed

Saurabh Gunwal
27-Feb-2017 19:44 PM

Comment Excellent Blend of Spirituality and Transformation. I liked your awesome innovation of thoughts and ideas is deeply appreciated. A recommended reading for life transformation.

Naveen Joseph Paul
27-Feb-2017 11:37 AM

Comment Worth it!! Looking forward for more.....

Meenal Jhuraney
27-Feb-2017 05:42 AM

Comment Very nice massage... Looking forward for more from you ?

Harendra Nagar
26-Feb-2017 15:00 PM

Comment ... Glad to see Grace flow through you as you continue to share spirtual gems and determined to Transform many lives as you share your own Transformation story ... God bless

Mopuri Harinath Reddy
26-Feb-2017 14:27 PM

Comment Truly said that true happiness cannot be achieved by switching between things that give a temporary sense of contentment. Its a situation that comes automatically by doing the good deeds and surrendering to the Master! I liked your way of writing, impressive!

26-Feb-2017 13:45 PM


Ankita Sharma
26-Feb-2017 13:30 PM

Comment Worth reading and Sharing

Hemant kumar
26-Feb-2017 13:05 PM

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