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Learn from Failure's Stories....
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I learned so many things from the stories of failures.
Success stories never gave me solutions to solve problems but failure stories gave me a new way to find  solutions to solve problems .Success stories only taught me about how people were successful but failure stories taught me to overcome failures in a new sort of way.Karna,Che Guevara,Bhagat Singh these are my role models and they have a connection between them.They three have done many good things in life,they were great,they were great leaders but they all had failed in life at last by betrayals.
Karna he was the most generous of all but he was killed at last by betrayal.Bhagat Singh he was fighting for his nation but was killed by the british .Che Guevara he worked and lived for his nation and was at last killed .These failure stories taught me to overcome failures .They gave me inspiration to win ,to overcome problems,to achieve success,to win against betrayal.

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