His Own....

....Part 6....

She was atlast tired from all the ignorance.She wanted to disclose her problems to someone else and she told her friend whom she trusted the most.She felt releived as she felt her burden being put down.She hadn't got comfort from her loved one when she expected it the most.It left her broken at the most painful situation.
But it was a new experience to her when she got love from the least expected person.She didn't want to lose it but she couldn't tell as she was in a mess.
When her friend asked him about what was his most painful condition.His replied made her rethink again.His reply was watching her cry for the wrong guy is his painful situation.His love for her was priceless.But she understood only after many days....

(to be continued)

More By  :  Amogha Pavithran

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Comment yeahh i understand

06-Aug-2017 10:53 AM

Comment The one she loved , the one she expected to comfort her , the one she expected to tell her that at the end everything will fall into place and you will be still mine...failed to understand her feelings...and when he did she was left broken

06-Aug-2017 05:43 AM

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