Religions made easy

Time has come when Hindu mythology and practices must retold and reformulated. I for one believe like any living entity institutions, languages, religious theologies, religious practices should be made museum stuff. There is no point in purohits in the Hindu world reciting Sanskrit mantras which very few understand. I find no point in Hindu yagnas. Similarly, the Quran should not me left in the hand of clergies to be interpreted. In fact, there should be a Quran made easy for everybody, including me, a Hindu by birth, a Vaisnav by inclination, a Buddhist, a Jain, a Christian by lking and a Muslim by faith. I am a cosmopolitan modern person, interested in science, literature, philosophy and religion, but not interested in theology and practices. I believe, time has come to redefine all religions, rephrase the theologies and make the world livable. Confusion in the mind about religious concepts can only make people reactionary and cause them to do abominable things and put human socities and this earth into peril. For example, I have never understood the phenomenon of Ganesh having an elephant head and a mouse as its 'baahana'. My scientific bent of mind can not accept that an elephant head was grafted eons back on Ganesha's body. Similarly, I can not accept one final last unchangable words of God and a final messiah. They seve some purpose no doubt in the history of groups of people but then adherance to final words and last messiah stalls social growth and human progress. Time has come for inter-religious dialogues and reducing faiths into five poit or ten point tenets with bridges built to other religions and faiths. For in the end analysis what is a religion? A place of faith, assurance, solace, peace and social harmony. It may appear difficult at times but with love, understanding, empathy, it is not unachievable. 

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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