Let Government give sharia to sharia lovers

Our nation witnesses a disproportionate cacophony related to issues of so called minorities. In my opinion in a country which is governed by 'one person one vote' the talk of minority is frivolous. To talk of minority is like considering human beings as herds of cattles and leaders as owners of such herds as cattles. Strangely, people do not feel offended when their discretion is questioned in such a manner. Actually, some countries, just to raise their political stature, claim that they are a democracy. In reality they are hundreds of years back in their mindset. If such is the case a secular state should provide its citizens the law they are comfortable with. I for one, strongly rooted to Indian ethos, braught up at the same time in values which I shallterm modern and international get very upset by the cacophony of religious issues that are all the time washed and dried and starched and ironed in full view of peace loving, law abiding citizens of this country. I say to myself, to hell with all the un-thought-out narratives flaunted by all sections of our society for vested interests. Some religions do not encourage people to question. They say the last words are all written down. No more thinkers, no more messiahs, only a whole lot of interpreters confusing people, giving diktats, as if all truths are known, all mysteries of existence solved and they have all the understanding. Such people may be comfortable with themselves but they only confuse and confound people. Strangely, how can such people give opinions and diktats when not invited! Under such circumstances let the nation tell such group of people whether they are reday to go by the constitution, the civil laws, the penal laws or they want their own laws applied to them. Groups of people who for example tell about their scripture and their personal laws based on their rule book may be given the same by the state. The benefits and the hardships be meted out to them as per their scripture and laws. Let them learn the hard way the benefits of a Uniform Civil Code. Whoever reposes faith in Uniform Civil Code will be governed by Uniform Civil Code. Our country can do this easily without the polity getting the brickbats it is getting since the constitution was framed and we Indians gave it to ourselves. It will not be difficult to do. Just have separate benches in courts for such people while delivering judgment and punishments.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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