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His Own...
....Part 9....
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The days passed by was an experience for both of them.They were always fighting again patching up.It was made as a routine.But the situation got shattered one day.When everything in front of him falled apart ,he was broken as she was.She just couldn't tolerate his insecurities anymore as he had brought up her past again in front of her.He did so because he was hurt by a thought that she would have done anything for her past lover but she couldn't do anything for him.His thoughts and her fears interlinked together and it lead to a heartbreak.He couldn't let her go.But he respected her decision to stop whatever she had let it go.He was sure that as he loves her ,that is why he was letting her go;if she returns,she would always be his own but if she don't then she was never his.He beleived in that fact alone.She knew that she had hurt him but her reason was it will never work this way.Her beleif was never ever let our feelings get too deep because people can change anytime.She beleived herself that she was not a good person,a good lover,a good icon.She felt everything in front of her pointed her as a failure.She know that he would hate her for what she did as no one can hate her with more intensity than him ,who used to love her the most.He just told her that if he could go back in time to the day they met ,then he would turn around and walk the other way.She was numb as she had no strength to cry anymore and he was trying hard to overcome his emotions.But as he said these words so loud other words which he had kept aside to say went unnoticed."One day i will let you be.I will be away far from you,but i want you to stay one more day even though your heart doesn't accept me ...It would be the biggest birthday gift you could ever give me..."....

(to be continued)..

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