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His Own...
....Part 10....
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There is now nothing left between them.Not even a single drop of hatred left.The words which he told last ,left as a scar in her heart.She is the most hated person in this whole world to him now.Those words somehow made her took stand in her decision again although she was going to change.He hadn't told anything from his heart.He was being forced.She didn't knew that.They both had nothing to hold on anymore.They parted their ways.He became his old self.She also returned back to her obsession ;studies.It hurts both,but they were not meant to be together.They both moved on with their life.There is no setbacks.Their life moved on .Manythings became memories.He still searches for those eyes everywhere.Still tears formed in his eyes.Little did they know that he couldn't even forget her even now and she hadn't lived a day without missing him.They both were sacrifices of their own script.Even though everything ended she continued loving his memories and he continued remembering those memories.She was no more his own.....


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