Compensation for train running late

It is quite some time now that trains usually run late in the New Delhi Kolkata section. I do not know whether it has anything to do with Modi Mamata syndrome or in actuality the North East freight corridor construction phenomenon. The railways should come out clean and declare to the public the reason behind now usual late running of trains between Kolkata and New Delhi. While Shri Modi has turned out to be a bravado-man taking broad-shouldered decisions, he must not forget that he is answerable to a common man. He is given to monologous broadcasting, probably having a bloated ideaa of national deliverance, forgetting that he has to work in a democratic environment of "of the people, for the people & by the people". He however uses the "people's mandate" concept shrewdly and is assuming the persona of a Goliath, or if he does not like that term, we can term him as Bheem! But the point is, a common Indian would like him to be his own dear Prime Minister. His maner of speaking most-times is like an election speech, which is may be O. K. if the spectators or listeners were in an amphitheatre but I much wish that his communication were much more sober. One thing good about him is he speaks extempore, which means he does his homework well. But he should listen to meritorious people and let go his broad shouldered approach. Coming back to the issue of late running of trains, if he has roped in Japan for Ahmedabad to Mumbai Bullet train project, he must see that we import japanese institution of timeliness and precision first. Sanjay Gandhi's Suzuki gambit has done well in India, We much wish Modi's Abe gambit too pays off. To start with, Railways should institute a compensation mechanism for its passengers which will I believe bring us closure to Japanese culture of timeliness and precision. Railways should pay its passengers ONE RUPEE FOR DELAY OF EVERY MINUITE to passengers' bank account making use of their ADHAR Card Number. Then only an Indian will hail Shri Modi's dream project of bullet train. Unreserved passengers should be paid a flat amout of Rs. 50/- per 500 km traversed on surrendering of their ticket at the station exit, if a train reaches late by an hour or more.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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