Reportedly Mamata Banerjee met Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai requesting him to invest in West Bengal. I am reminded of Buddhadeb Bhattacharya going head over heels inviting Tata in West Bengal.The curious thing is Jawaharlal Nehru blue printed a socialist economy. Indira Gandhi nationalised banks and petro-product distribution. How India could still produce tycoons, some of whom are globally recognised, is really surprising. Whatever be the socio-political narrative, glimpses of which become immediately clear by channel surfing the idiot box just for a while, it is these tycoons whose masks are our political leaders. At sixty five I may not live long to witness our political circus, but it pains me no end imagining is our country going back a few centuries as our political parties talk of FDI, investments by Indian business tycoons in states, take pride in ease of doing business (obviously for foreign investment). What masked political leaders can be termed as? Jokers of Indian political circus! I would not want that; because I am a proud Indian. But I do not see any bright spot. My friends, my compatriots, my leaders of society and commerce, please prove me wrong. 

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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