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My Introvert Thoughts
....Hidden words.....
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It was not what I intend to fall into.It just happened by chance .The more I feared ,the more I fell into a mess in which made me desperate.I couldn't control my mind.It wandered through things that I was trying to forget.

The fear of losing the one who never loved me moreover to whom I had never confessed to.It is the most unrealistic feeling in this world.I was just trapped in a mess from which I could never get out.

Each day I was struggling to avoid him moreover I was trying to make myself safe.I knew I was going to miss him terribly after some days.I know I will be away from him.That will make me miss him more. I  totally feel that no one ever could take that place in my heart.

I was always quiet in front of him.The reason was I think about how I feel for him .That makes me to go blank in front of him.I don't know how to  express it but the feeling I get when Iam around him,when Iam with him;

His words,his smile,his laugh,his annoyance everything made me fall for him.Even his name bring a smile to my face.
Everytime  I think the introvert inside me talks to itself that "In the end the journey I will find ,will be more beautiful than the destiny".....

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