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As a private tutor for young children, there are interesting experiences with students.

This happened the other day:

Seven year old Gary was doing his Hindi lessons with me.  With the examinations around the corner, I had to reinforce several topics and give him more written practice in order to get the spellings and the words right.  Question after other followed in the two-hour class.  At one stage, he said, 'This is the last!' In a firm tone (which is not the usual me!) I said, 'Don't bargain, you've got to do it all and leave!'  

Pat came the reply, 'Bargain, only for price.! '  Two other students and I laughed heartily at his words.  He thought we were making fun of him and said 'Really, I'm saying, it is in my book.'

Despite my explanation that we enjoyed his utterance, the child assusmed we were teasing him.

Any comments on that?

Prior to this, another student was learning about letter writing.  We were discussing informal letters.  Talking about the lesson plan for the day, I told her that she had to do a letter.
To which, our dear Gary replied- 'What letter, auntie? A, B, C?'

Samy and I had a hearty laugh once again.

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