Sexual Addiction :

I can't sleep without masturbating.

Dr. Vipul Sharma
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What can I do?

Answer : Many people want to know how to stop masturbation.

There are many important reasons to stop and these reasons provide you with a why. If your why is strong enough it is then much easier to accept and practice the how. Most people want to stop because of the negative side effects and scientific reasons. If however you know the reasons why you want a life of self-control but you don’t know the how to obtain it you are then doomed to a life of frustration and despair as you find yourself unable to live up to your standards that must be met in order to enjoy the satisfaction of self-respect. The first demand of self-respect is that you can control yourself so the number one priority right now is for you to understand and practice the how.

o stop compulsive masturbation or to stop any bad habit requires the exercise of self-control. As with running, cycling, or lifting weights the exercise of self-control requires energy, it requires power. This is called willpower. If you study the graph you can see that if the amount of willpower is greater than the desire to masturbate then you can successfully practice self-control and not masturbate. Unfortunately most of us do not seem to have that level of willpower. As you probably have learned by now, if the desire to masturbate is greater than the level of willpower then you will lose control. As you can see in the graph everything hinges on your levels of willpower. If it is too low you can’t control yourself and you then feel “will-powerless” against this addiction or any other undesirable habit.

Try mental diversion. Keep yourself busy during that time of the day when you feel like masturbating. Call your friends or family, read, play video games, watch movies (keep it U-rated) or do anything that keeps you busy.

Exercise. This can divert your energy towards working out. Also, if stress is causing you to masturbate, exercising can substantially reduce those stressful triggers.

Keep your bladder empty. Many do not know this but the urge to pee can often be mistaken as the urge to masturbate. Visit the loo just before you are heading to the bed.

Don't hit the bed until you are really tired. This will not allow you any time lapse between lying down and actually sleeping, which often ends up being the time frame when people masturbate.

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