Why BJP for Karnataka?

This blog is for those hardworking professionals who are very busy with their daily schedule and do not have time to digest the daily political and social happenings around us. This is specifically for those who accept Indian traditions are nothing but Hindu traditions and Hinduness is Indianness.Karnataka elections are around the corner and I try to put compelling elections why Congress should never win it and BJP is the best bet to protect Hindu interests.

Answer these questions -
1. Are you a proud Hindu? This is a open ended question and has various sub questions. What is in Hindu culture that you like? What is in our culture that you can ignore and still stay Hindu? You can go to temple if you want, else stay quiet. You can say you don't believe in many Hindu customs, but still stay Hindu.You can pray, not pray, follow traditions or not, but feel hurt whenever our faith is ridiculed, you are a proud Hindu.
2. Do you agree Hindus are fighting a existential threat? Do you agree Hindus are under constant threat in border areas of Bengal, hill areas of Jammu (Kishtwar),Malabar districts of Kerala. Hindus are constantly bullied right in front of our eyes and we do not even hear about it.For the benefit of readers, I would like to quote the case of Keelvisharam in TN.Melvisharam and Keelvisharam are twin towns in the same panchayat district in Vellore.Melvisharam is completely muslim dominated with 17 wards and Keelvisharam with 4 wards had Hindu residents.Muslims being majority always won the panchayat and implented Sharia.All official circulars were in Urdu. Hindus were harassed to convert to Islam and water was cut frequently mounting pressure on them.Due to this, reaidents of Keelvisharam completely boycotted the polls for many years.Subramanian Swamy filed a case in court to bifurcate the panchayat into two and won it.This is on record.

How.many of us knew about this case? Since we live in the comfort of our homes does not mean everything is good in our state.TN being a safe state is a completely bogus claim.Kanyakumari with 50% Christians is completely missionary controlled.Hindus are unable to even celebrate Mariamman festivals there at their will.I quoted TN examples as it is always called as epitome of secularism, but conditions of Hindus who are 88% in th state is this. Other states where they are <80% can be judget with ease.

Now let's see why Congress works against Hindu interests.Cong framed the bigoted prevention of Communal Violence Bill through NAC which was an advisory body under MMS.As per that bill, whenever there is a communal violence majority Hindus are the perpetrators and minority Muslims or Christians are the victims whatever was the cause or whoever started it. Take the recent call to make Lingayats as separate religion.Congress orchestrated it to divide Hindus to reap political benefit.Sonia meets the Imam of Jama Masjid and says secular votes should not be divided? What does she even mean.It is known truth that Sonia is a stooge of Christian missionaries.Very recently Cong has started culture of Tipu Jayanti which is just a celebration of mass murderer using state expense.It may just be few decades before the tide is turned and missionaries or Islamists will be at our doorstep in every city and our future generation will be in great danger. Now is the time for Hindu unity. I call upon all Hindus to unite and vote BJP. BJP is sympathetic to Hindu causes, but not doing enough,but it is our best bet so far.

Bande Mataram!

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